Aren’t you dividing the population as well if unvaccinated and recovered people aren’t allowed to join the committee?
Unvaccinated and recovered people are allowed to participate constructively and they can be secondary signatories. However, the primary signatories must be all vaccinated to clarify that we as a committee are not against voluntary vaccination, and that we are also personally not significantly restricted by the certificate requirement.


Don’t pharmaceutical interests control the government?
We recommend showing a healthy skepticism towards governments and companies, but not always accusing them of bad faith. We recommend looking for the gaps in reporting in mass media, rather than primarily questioning the facts presented.


How should entry be regulated for tourism and returnees as long as the pandemic is circulating in the world?
The pandemic is everywhere – in Switzerland as well as in the rest of the world. Therefore, a separate treatment of travelers seems difficult, especially with the high transit volume in Switzerland. Furthermore, Switzerland is not an island and there is practically no effective control when crossing the border by land.

Should a virus mutation occur abroad that leads to severe courses even in a large number of vaccinated persons, temporary border closures and entry quarantines could be helpful. But here, too, vaccination certificates are pointless because even vaccinated persons can spread the virus.


Do you want us all to have to go back into shutdown? Isn’t it better if vaccinated people can still go to the movies or restaurants?
Vaccinations offer good self-protection for a while. But they should not be misused to set up a privilege system. Shutdowns come in different shades of gray. It is better to ban high-risk large-scale indoor events than to introduce discrimination through ineffective certificates. It is better to hold a theatrical event with good ventilation, distancing, and mask mandates than to hold a superspreader event with a certificate. QR codes do not protect against infection. When the virus spreads rapdily we need to rely on proven measures that reduce droplet infections and aerosol transmission.

At universities, in person classes where resumed across the board. It would be possible for some courses to be held again virtually, with a few exceptions (e.g., for laboratory work).

Therefore, the alternative is not blanket shutdowns instead of certificates, but effective and socially acceptable infection control measures instead of certificates!

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