Yes, to vaccination,
No to the certificate!

Certificates offer only a false sense of security. People are lulled, take higher risks, and proven measures are neglected as a result. This is risky.

We are all afraid. For our health, for our family, for our friends. We fear poverty, of the loss of the familiar. We are in an unknown situation, in which we must trust in science and politics.


Science consists of theses and antitheses, of constantly new findings and their improvement. The difficulty for politics is to adapt its statements to new results continually. This task is not easy, but one can strive for transparency and openness.

We would like to see a new start in political pandemic control that respects individuals’ rights for bodily integrity. A fresh start that reunites the population and does not look for culprits. A new start, where the evidence is given as to the effect of measures. And where measures come with a clear expiration. Because otherwise, the solidarity of all, which is essential to fight an epidemic, will be further weakened, as will trust in our democratic institutions and processes.

We want empowering, conciliatory, and honest communication by those in power.

We want the naming of the danger of habituation to control mechanisms.

We want that trust in the people to be restored and a plan that includes all dimensions of pandemic response.

We want people who are afraid of the vaccination to stop being considered opponents. They are fellow human beings who have the right to fear for their health, as we all do.

Please don’t talk about us; talk with us.

So that together, we can fight the pandemic.

Let us stand together!


We demand that the fight against the pandemic respects the right to self-determination over one’s own body and does not divide society based on medical data via a certificate.


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